Alianza Fiduciaria and Alianza Valores are leading companies in the trusts and investments market in Colombia

Over the past years, Alianza Fiduciaria and Alianza Valores have grown at an important and challenging pace resulting in the definition of an exciting and ambitious goal for senior management: to continue increasing the company’s income in the same accelerated way and capture economies of scale leading the company to generate an even higher EBITDA growth rate than the company’s income. How will we reach this goal?

Working as a team with Alianza, we implemented a Digital Transformation Program that allowed them to successfully overcome the different challenges derived from the accelerated growth of the business. Through this process we managed to achieve several important milestones along the way:

  • In less than 18 months, we progressively modernized the legacy systems accelerating the time-to-market of new products and services, additionally we improved their technical sustainability, and increased the automation of operational processes

  • We improved the operational efficiency of the back-office – capturing economies of scale and reducing the inherent waste in different processes previously adapted ad hoc to support the transactional growth.
    • In a single trimester (without any IT investments) we managed to reduce the onboarding cycle time by 98%, improved the quality index by 65% and reduced the pertaining workforce by +50%
    • After a 3 months intervention of a consortium responsible for the disbursements of the Ministry of Public Education, we improved the SLA indicator by 97%, increased the number of payments per day by 65%, reduced cycle time by 78%, and reduced 1 work shift (unpaid overtime)
    • ­ In 2.5 months, we redesigned an investment fund's operating model using a combination of “lean” philosophy and IT-tailored developments – thus achieving 100% traceability of the underlying assets and shielding the processes to decrease the associated risk

  • We digitize the sales and customer service model – defining the customer as the center of our universe and evolving the business model offering services based on digital self-management. This is how we designed and launched a new portal for Alianza Valores that allowed the company to increase the transactions made through this channel from 10% to +65% in 5 months. Moreover, we launched the MiFiducia portal to support the online management of trusts, enabling the clients to get updated information, request transactions, and control the agents’ access to the platform

Through an aligned, goal-oriented, and committed senior management leadership, a well-prepared team embracing change, a flexible work plan adapted to meet new market demand and a customer centered transformation model we were able to successfully fulfill a dream: a new era in which Alianza, today more than ever, is a success story and a role model for their competitors and business partners.