Micro finances company founded in 2008

More than 592 k credits delivered to more than 282 k clients

Coverage in 12 deparments and 335 municipalities

Crezcamos contacted us at a crucial step in their history, with a great challenge and opportunity ahead of them.

The merger with OIC would allow them to take an exponential leap in their business, broadening the reach of their operation and the services they could offer and help clients with, without losing their DNA of promoting financial inclusion for Colombian farmers and land workers.

With great enthusiasm we joined our client in this mission to ensure a successful and fast integration, from its planning to its execution, throughout the 11 fronts that comprised the project.

Like every great "adventure" the challenges were massive thus making the project really interesting.

Ensuring the successful and organized merger of the two companies in just four months, completing thoroughly with their operations as one company by the end of the project, was a great accomplishment born from the joint work of Advantis and Crezcamos teams.

"Advantis helped us structure an agile management model, focused on key stages that allowed us to close gaps and ensure the planned objectives"
Sheila Solano – PMO Crezcamos.

On january 2020 we were able to celebrate with pride and satisfaction the results with the roll out of single integrated company, legally and operationally.

The key to success: Planning, teamwork and executing a project that combined classic management principles with agile practices, taking the best of both worlds to provide a "flawless" project as a result.

¡Congratulations Crezcamos!



Crezcamos strategy was to become a financing company by acquiring OIC

Need to operate as single integrated company ensuring control in the least posible time