Empowering and inspiring the future of Colombia

Junior Achievement Colombia Foundation (JAC), better known as Colombia Emprendedora, is the Colombian chapter of Junior Achievement Worldwide. It specializes in promoting financial education, entrepreneurship and preparing for working life.

The Advantis team participates in education programs for children and young people since 2018, teaching elementary and high school students about the community , finances, business creation and job skills.

Running for the kids

The CRAN Foundation is a non-profit organization that enables children to grow up in loving families and communities. To achieve this goal, the CRAN Foundation welcomes vulnerable children and harbors them temporarily, while it finds them a loving family that protects their rights.

Advantis began working with CRAN in 2011 when a group of consultants ran the Bogota Half Marathon to raise funds for child victims of antipersonnel mines. Due to the success of the initiative, Advantis led the creation of “Yo Voy”, an initiative where companies and runners join forces to raise funds for the CRAN Foundation while they run the Bogota Half Marathon.

Building dreams

The Catalina Muñoz Foundation is an entity dedicated to fighting the poverty faced by the vulnerable population of Colombia through the construction of houses for low-income families. The foundation has extended its support to more than 2,900 families since its creation in 2009. It has helped them through community development programs that include constructing their homes, improving their living conditions and providing health brigades.

Since 2016, Advantis has worked with the foundation to improve the life quality of families living in extreme poverty in Bogotá. We have participated in the construction of homes, providing resources and volunteers who go to the neighborhoods and build a home hand in hand with families.